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唯一經 Steve Jobs 本人授權出版的傳記《Steve Jobs》by Walter Isaacson(沒想到還沒出版就過世了..)

暫時書籤: Steve Jobs’s Best Quotes – The Wall Street Jounal、Steven Levy 對老賈的回憶(with videos) – Wired by 老地方冰果室、Steve Jobs – Computer History Museum

Apple II (1977)

  • 第一台巨大成功的個人電腦:Triumph of the Nerds [one of three] 6/6 [YouTube]
  • Killer app: VisiCalc,第一套試算表軟體(Triumph of the Nerds [one of three] 5/6 [YouTube])
  • P.S.【紀錄片:Triumph of the Nerds(1996)】這部紀錄片 ★★★★★ 五星級超級推薦!!

【Steve Jobs talks about Apple at Stanford】(1980)[YouTube][出處(html5 video)]

【Academy of Achievement】(1982)[iTunes Podcast]

Macintosh (1984)


【文字訪談:John Sculley On Steve Jobs, The Full Interview Transcript | Cult of Mac】

NeXT (1985)/ Pixar (1986)

NeXTSTEP 作業系統,Mac OS X 的基礎 / Pixar, 電腦動畫的巨大成功

【文字訪談:Jobs Talks About His Rise and Fall – Newsweek 1985/09/30】

【文字訪談:Steve Jobs: The Rolling Stone Interview (1994)】

【文字訪談:Into The Wild: Lost Conversations From Steve Jobs’ Best Years | Fast Company】

【影音訪談:Life can be much broader, once you discover one simple fact (來源)】

Steve Jobs: “When you grow up, you tend to get told that the world is the way it is, and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family life. Have fun, save a little money. That’s a very limited life.

Life can be much broader, once you discover one simple fact, and that is everything around that you call life was made up by people who were no smarter than you. And you can change it. You can influence it. You can build your own things that other people can use.

Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again."

【文字訪談:Steve Jobs: The Next Insanely Great Thing, by Gary Wolf | The Wired Interview, Feb. 1996.】

All About NeXT:

  • Steve Jobs at Next (for NeXT internal use only) [YouTube]
  • Interpersonal Computing Demo [YouTube]
  • Steve Jobs San Farncisco 9-18-1990 [YouTube]
  • “The Future of Objects" at OpenStep Day 1995 [YouTube]

【影音訪談:Steve Jobs Interview (WGBH)
[官網,含transcript] [YouTube(Steve Jobs 1990 Lost Interview)]】

  • Computers are like bicycle for our mind.
  • Review of Apple 2, Mac revolution, and then interpersonal computing.
  • NeXT’s vision: more powerful / Network / Object-Oriented Programming
  • Xerox → Mac
  • thinker ≠ doer
  • Making of computer rather than calculator(Intel)

【影音訪談:The Steve Jobs ’95 Interview, unabridged [YouTube]】

【影音訪談:Steve Jobs – The Lost Interview】
★★★★★五星級推薦觀看!這則訪談部分內容剪接進 Triumph of the Nerds 紀錄片,完整版VHS錄影帶曾以為遺失了但後來被找到而釋出,甚至巡迴電影播出。

Paul: How do you know what is the right direction?

Steve: Ultimately it comes down to taste. It comes down to trying to expose yourself to the best things that humans have done, and then try to bring those things in to what you’re doing.

I mean Picasso had a saying, he said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal." And we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas. and I think part of what made the Macintosh great was that the people working on it were musicians, poets, artists, zoologists and historians, who also happened to be the best computer scientists in the world.

But if it hadn’t been for computer science, these people would have all been doing amazing things in life and other fields. And they all brought to this effort a very liberal arts attitude. We wanted to pull in the best that we saw on these other fields into this field. I don’t think you’d get that if you are very narrow.

【Why was Steve Jobs interested in Pixar?】


(一)【Macworld Boston 1997】最知名的一場Keynote,Steve Jobs 決定與微軟結盟,來拯救衰弱的蘋果,並指出「蘋果必須打敗微軟」的口號是無意義的,以及 Think Different 的宗旨。

(二)【Apple WWDC ’97 Steve JobsによるClosing Kynote [YouTube (Full)]】非常精彩的一場Q&A!

  1. 關於死掉的 OpenDoc [YouTube]: “Focusing is about saying No."(按:看這段影片之前我還真不知道有 OpenDoc 這個文件格式…)
  2. 關於與媒體(press)的應對 [YouTube]
  3. 關於 Network Computing、網路硬碟/雲端儲存的未來、蘋果軟硬整合的發展效率優勢 [YouTube]
    Write for Rhapsody(當初這個願景是也能把程式移植到Windows PC上)! Microsoft 和 Adobe 都尚未承諾將軟體移植到 Rhapsody 平台上,What are you waiting for? Developers搶先贏過大公司的機會!
  4. 關於 Larry Ellison [YouTube]
  5. Inter, Microsoft, Compaq狀況極好,蘋果該怎麼面對這壟斷性市場? [YouTube]

    “The day we started Apple Computer, IBM was far more powerful in the computer industry than Microsoft and Intel are today…we were just too stupid to know that!"
    Ex. NeXT Email系統比其他的好用!Lotus Improv更好用!So?
    Ex. “Mictosoft is like the air we breathe~~(mock)"
    “Apple can win, without having Microsoft has to lose."

  6. Mac compatible market? [YouTube] “Apple should license every thing!" “Let clone maker build their own hardware!"
  7. Managing complexity [YouTube] “For the next several years, our job is not to reinvent the world, is to take something that we know exists already..and get it out for them."
    (多年後蘋果對世界的影響,主要出自 reinvent the world 的 iPhone!)
  8. Apple not in TV commercial then. [YouTube]
  9. (你殺了OpenDoc,)「那你過去七年幹了什麼?(尖銳)」 [YouTube]
    “Some mistake will be made along the way. That’s good, because at least some decisions will be made along the way. We’ll find the mistakes. We’ll fix them!"
    “The mistake we made, some people will be pissed off, some people will not knowing what we’re talking about, but I think it’s so much better than where things were not so long ago."
  10. “If you were software developer, how to tell my company to stay with Mac?" [YouTube]
  11. 為 Mac OS/Rhapsody 寫程式!

  12. Networking computing – the core strategy [YouTube] more productive, more fun, connectivity…
  13. Newton? [YouTube] Mac OS + Rhapsody + Newton 同時管理三種平台太困難
  14. Marketing side? [YouTube] 我相信我們現在的人才。

釋出 iMac 之後:
【文字訪談:STEVE JOBS: `THERE’S SANITY RETURNING’ (extended)】 [BusinessWeek, May 25, 1998]

  • A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. That’s why a lot of people at Apple get paid a lot of money, because they’re supposed to be on top of these things.
  • Q: There’s a lot of symbolism to your return. Is that going to be enough to reinvigorate the company with a sense of magic?
    A: You’re missing it. This is not a one-man show. What’s reinvigorating this company is two things: One, there’s a lot of really talented people in this company who listened to the world tell them they were losers for a couple of years, and some of them were on the verge of starting to believe it themselves. But they’re not losers. What they didn’t have was a good set of coaches, a good plan. A good senior management team. But they have that now.

iPod (2001),與音樂產業

[All Things Digital] Steve Jobs Onstage at D1 (2003),談iPod與音樂、內嵌於音樂程式iTunes的Music Store.

  • Steve Jobs 認為 computer 繼 Personal Computer、Internet 革命之後,接下來是 PC as a Digital Hub 的革命(相關可參考 Steve Jobs introduces the “Digital Hub" strategy at Macworld 2001 [YouTube])。因此提到 iPod 做為 PC 的 satellite device 而非內建無線網路。
  • PDA/Cell Phone/Tablet? No plan for tablets then, when Microsoft promoted Tablet PC. Keyboard has beaten handwriting! 蘋果決定將其當時的資源用以做 iPod 而非 PDA,當時 iPod 銷售量為 700,000。看影片不如用 PC 的大螢幕!全線 Mac 已採用燒錄機與 iDVD。
  • 談 iPod 與音樂、內嵌於音樂程式 iTunes 的 Music Store. DRM as a middle path between music industry and Napster. 展示 iTunes Music Store. 最後的 Q&A 值得一聽。

After releasing iTunes for Windows:
Steve Jobs: The Rolling Stone Interview (2003)

[All Things Digital] Apple’s Steve Jobs at D2 (2004)

  • 談論關於 iTunes Music Store 與音樂產業
  • 所受最大壓力而尚未推出的產品是 PDA(Steve Jobs 返回蘋果後撤了 Newton 產品線),然而當時很少人用它來輸入而是輸出資訊,故手機將取而代之。
  • 談論 Apple Retail Store 成果(然而到目前為止,台灣一間都沒有!!)
  • Digital Hub Revolution: iPod dock to a computer. It’s all about iTunes@PC as syncing/backup/storage center.
  • Media Center PC is not selling! (HP sold 200,000 in a year, not even a flat by Apple’s standard) Rather than that, Apple develops Dock to computer(iTunes) and Apple TV. (People are familiar with computer but actually not want to do all stuff on that, as a media controlling center.)
  • Play music in stereo: Airport Express. But there were no remote and no Air Video Streaming! (Now they are, in years, in 2010 with Remote app in iOS devices and AirPlay in iOS4.2.) Also said that people don’t watch movie on those small devices.
  • iPod as a specialized $400 computer. Apple continue to get new iPod’s price down. iPod mini sold for $249 was thought of $50 too expensive, but actually you can’t any one in the stores!
  • Apple不實做 Windows Media Audio (wma) 的 DRM(iTunes 是將 DRM-free WMA 轉成 AAC,且當時有其他音樂商店販售 DRM WMA 格式,稱市佔率少於三成),他們寧願用來作更多創新產品或強化既有產品與服務(台灣的 iNmusic 初期也是賣 DRM WMA,這些賣 DRM 音樂的廠商不實作自己的 DRM 就幾乎只有選擇 WMA 一途。Apple 推動 DRM-free 之後,DRM WMA 更幾乎消失了。)
  • 談論 Steve Jobs 與他的 Pixar 動畫電影工作室。
  • Q&A: 影片市場和音樂市場不一樣,因為影片已經有許多銷售方式(音樂當時只有賣CD),且人們持續追求影片畫質(正版因而容易勝出,電影業對於 HD 畫質影片銷售方式也會是關鍵),也持續追求音質直到mp3音質比CD差卻勝出!);畢竟人們的視覺重於聽覺。

[All Things Digital] Apple’s Steve Jobs at D3 (2005)

  • 當時 iPod 不採用足以看影片的大螢幕、需使用電腦來同步、不內建無線網路的理由:music shopping experience、尺寸會無法放進口袋中、電池效能考量、且 iPod 的音樂體驗目的只需耳機即可逼近大喇叭(看影片的螢幕大小則很重要)。
  • Why not an iPod Phone? Cell phones have been used to listen to music. (上述幾點將於二年後由更具革命性的多點觸控大螢幕 iPhone 一次解決)
  • 一直沒有 iTunes Music Renting/Subscription Services: 想要的消費者不多、建構費用高
  • Demo: Podcast
  • 當時 Walt Mossberg 質疑 Mac 的市占率依然很低,個位數。
  • Demo: Mac OS X Tiger, with Spotlight and Dashboard.
  • Pixar: 談電影與電腦動畫電影

Thoughts on Music, Steve Jobs, February 6, 2007:iTunes Store販售音樂全面DRM-free化(當時稱之為iTunes Plus)的開始。

[Discovery Channel] iPod History (on Google Videos)

iPhone (2007),與手機軟體產業

The Best iPod+Phone+Internet device, 多點觸控介面

[All Things Digital] Apple’s Steve Jobs at D5 (2007),談 iTunes Plus(DRM-free music)、剛發表的iPhone、展示Apple TV。(官方訪談紀錄)(癮科技中文報導)

[All Things Digital] D5 Conference: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Steve Jobs speaks out: the keys to the company’s success | CNNMoney.com

iPad (2010),與數位出版、數位影音產業

iPad App Store 軟體產業發展中

iPad 延續了 iPhone 的思維,在 Safari 瀏覽器上不支援 Flash Player plugin 而想推廣 HTML5,iPad 的巨大成功使得 HTML5 這個名詞開始大量普及,許多人也質疑缺乏 Flash Player 的 iPad 無法擁有「完整的」網路體驗:

  1. Thoughts on Flash, Steve Jobs, April, 2010
  2. 蘋果官網推出相關頁面: HTML5 ShowcaseiPad Ready Websites
  3. Steve Jobs on Flash, Adobe and Other Technology Apple Doesn’t Use Anymore, D8 Conference, All Thingsd Digital.
  4. 這導致了 Adobe 開發拖延多年的 Flash Player 10.1 for Smart Phone 終於全面上市,譬如 Flash Player 10.1 Demo on HTC Desire, RIM Playbook 等等…
  5. 然而,僅一年多後 iPad 依然主宰平板電腦市場之時,Adobe就決定宣布停止開發 Flash Player for Mobile Devices!!(居然自宮 Flash Player for Mobile Device 了…說好的 full web experience?) 官方新聞稿、Flash 平台的 Mike Chambers 解釋原因: 1) iOS老大哥打死不幹 2) 其他平台的 fragmentation 耗時耗工。其他理由都差不多了…。

[All Things Digital] D8 Conference: Steve Jobs (2010)

  • 一開始就吵 iOS 不採用 Flash Player 的議題
  • 被蘋果員工遺失並被科技新聞 Gizmodo 揭露的 iPhone 4 原型機
  • Platform War: 與 Google 的關係。
    Q: 會把 Google 搜尋從 iPhone 中移除嗎? Steve: “Just because we’re competing with someone doesn’t mean we have to be rude!"
  • 與電信商的關係(當時美國 AT&T 仍獨家專賣 iPhone)
  • 談過去的 stylus-based tablet PC 和現在的 finger-based iPad,與 iPad 的發展緣由、目標(for Press)、展望(“PCs gonna be like trucks.")…等等。
  • Two Platforms: HTML5 / App Store,討論 App Store Policies.
  • Apple公司的運作方式:一人掌管一部門,保持像新創公司(startup)的架構,每週討論進度;CEO Steve Jobs 與人討論;對新產品保密到家的理由。
  • 經營 iAd 的理由:點廣告的體驗、為了開發者
  • 蘋果關於隱私權(privacy)的思維:譬如apps使用定位服務的規定
  • Q&A: Flurry 爆料蘋果新產品的資訊隱私權問題
  • The Age for Content Owner
  • iCloud 的前兆:在不同裝置自動無線同步下載買過的數位產品
  • AT&T的收訊問題:據說會變好xd
  • 影片的 DRM 版權保護機制 HDCP… 跟當年的音樂一樣問題
  • TV 市場的問題:go-to-market strategy(無法進入市場! 大家不想另外買個盒子 ex. TiVo 的失敗、Google TV 銷售不佳、Apple TV 只是個 hobby)

※ Steve Jobs on Design
[YouTube] Steve Jobs on Design (不知道這段影片原始出處是哪…)

Steve Jobs: “Design is a really loaded word; I don’t know what it means. And so we don’t really talk about design a lot around here. We actually just talk about how things work. Most people think it’s how they look. But it’s not really how they look; it’s how they work."

Jonathan Ive: “I think Steve is a design champion by action, not by talking about design…"

※ 紀錄片

  • Steve Jobs Documentary 2010 (aired on bloomberg on 14th of October 2010)
  • [PBS] Steve Jobs: One Last Thing 紀錄片:官網影片YouTube HD版。若看過上面那些歷程,看這部片會比較有感覺;這部紀錄片有許多第一手的相關人士評論與訪談回憶,不過只穿插部分 Steve Jobs 的影片。
  • [CNBC Titan] Steve Jobs: 官網頁面YouTube。以許多 Steve Jobs 的少見側錄影片為主、穿插幾個相關人士的訪談。

The Steve Jobs I Knew – Walt Mossberg


App Store 中心管制第三方軟體的理由:How Apple plans to catch the bad iPhone applications

D8 Video: Steve Jobs Explains His iAds Restrictions (And Blames Flurry)

iTunes Ping:隱私權設定容易Steve Jobs on Why Facebook Is Not Part of Apple’s New Ping Music Social Network: “Onerous Terms”(D8, All Thingsd Digital)


All About Steve Jobs

Emails From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs – Wikiquote

Steve Jobs, “Computers are like a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (YouTube) (iTunes U No.23)